Beauty, Quality and Strength in an Affordable Package
Beauty, Quality and Strength in an Affordable Package



Post and Beam construction is a statement - a personal statement. The grace and beauty of these simple yet magnificant structures speaks to our heritage, to the homes and barns of our forefathers. They portray a practical, yet functional elegance.  Big Sky Post and Beam custom packages offer the flexibility to create your own unique structure.


Using the organic, renewable material, wood, your Big Sky Post and Beam project will serve as a model for all the many generations of people exposed to its strength and beauty.  The only limits come from your own imagination. 



Big Sky Post and Beam is a local, family owned company dedicitated to quality materials and first class customer service.  Our standard frames are constructed with Kiln Dried #2 Western Montana Douglas Fir, known for its superior strength and beauty.  We are very proud of our "Made in Montana" status.


Please give us a call to get your project started at 406-446-1582.

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